The size of the penis is a notoriously sensitive area in a man’s psychological balance, and many people are suffering from the lack of confidence that results from a smaller length of their reproductive organ.

Since the penis is not just intended for reproduction but for “fun” as well, or, at least, we use it as so, many a man wants to be “hung like a horse” and have an extraordinary size of their love tool.

But, we all know this is not possible since we are not all born equal, and also because adult movie industry and similar branches have introduced unrealistic standards when it comes to the actual size of a penis. For example, the average length of an erect penis is 5.6 inches, and this size is fairly common among people from all over the world, but our society embraced different values and this caused problems for millions of people.

But, there is a solution to their woes and it comes in the form of an activity known as the penis enlargement. This process is also known as the male enhancement, but these terms are synonyms and they cover the same basic idea: to use various products, devices, and procedures in order to extend the length, girth or rigidity of the phallus. As any other process, this activity requires three things to be completed successfully: time, dedication and effort. If all of them are invested in the process and you show great commitment to the cause – there is a really big chance that your “willy” will grow in size.

It is important to say that not all products for penis enlargement are properly tested, and experts are currently conducting all sorts of experiments and tests to determine the actual success rate for certain male enhancement methods. However, satisfied customers and user reviews tell a different story and millions of people are experiencing improved sex life and better self-confidence due to increase in the length of their penis.

The most common methods which are used these days can be divided into several groups: pills and supplements, physical exercise, use of devices and surgery. They all have different requirements when it comes to dedication, but they also give different results. According to most experts, exercise is the best way to enlarge your penis, but this method can be easily combined with pills and similar products. Herbal medicine can be also placed in this sub-category, and there are many ancient remedies which are still popular in many cultures, so people use them to cure erectile dysfunction and similar conditions.

Devices and different apparatus are also very popular, and they come in the form of weights, extensions or pumps. Pumps from are used by millions of people who mostly claim that they were able to experience short-term progress very easily.

Devices can also be combined with exercises, such as stretching, jelqing, compression or elongation, and all of these techniques can give results if you follow the routine for a longer period and you don’t give up when you don’t see substantial growth for the first month or two.